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What is

Booking Engine

I t is the idealist search engine for the web site of your hotel. It has a reliable, user-friendly and fast interface. It transforms incoming visits to your website into the completed reservations.

Channel Management

It is an easily managaeble and fast-working channel management. It updates your occupancy and prices on the online sales channels like Expedia and Booking and it receives your online reservations.

Integrated Sales Channels

You can put your hotel on the market of more than 80 online travel systems immediately without paying any fee. You only pay for the commission when you earn from the sales.

Agency Reservation System

It is a sales system which can receive resevations synchronically by sending occupancy and prices to your contracted agencies and institutions for 7 days and 24 hours.

For Group Hotels

It provides very special advantages and functions for group hotels. You can increase your B2B and B2C sales and decrease advertising cost by using

CRM and Customer Loyalty

You can make your customers feel special. You can keep in touch with them, know them better, and serve them additional cash back points. By this way, you can increase their loyalty to your brand.

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Because we are the best in online booking and sales. We provide the most comprehensive solution in the most favorable conditions.

Kanal Yönetimi

Fast and user-friendly interface give confidence to the customers and it transforms incoming visits into the completed reservations by its attractive design.

Kanal Yönetimi

Using the system and earning money are vey easy with developed infrastructure.

Kanal Yönetimi

You do not have to pay for presentation and marketing. When you receive reservations, you only pay for the commissions which yopu have specified to the sales channels at the beginning. | Online Rezervasyon Sistemi ve Kanal Yönetimi
Online Rezervasyon Sistemi

You will be supported by the ARGE member company operating in three different offices with more than 50 people in Turkey.

Online Rezervasyon Sistemi

You invest for your name and brand. You create and improve your own customer database.

Online Rezervasyon Sistemi

It is the mobile application providing a communication between you and your customers during anf after their accommodation.

Some of the Hotels that use Rezervasyonal

By using Rezervasyonal they provide the highest quality at the lowest costs. Simply, this advantage makes them the best in their specialized field of travel industry.

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