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If your body body is no longer to be able to breathe because of life stress , this is our suggestion “Abhyanga”.Ayurvedic body massage starts with marrow oils , sesame , mustard , olive , coconut. Ayurvedic is a basis massage type.Marrow oils opens up the stigmas in order the increase oil penetration to body,removes the toxins from the body and also marrow oils softens the muscles. On request personal flavours can be add to the oil.This traditional Indian massage goes through energy channels to balance energy flowing in your body.It is completely different then massages from west.Movements are starts from your heart and continues through outer body parts unlike west massage technics.This removes the toxins from the body and balance circulatory system.Makes the body stronger and slow downs the deformations on the skin.Specially for body type Vata because of warm place and marrow oils.