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Using a Hot Oil Massage Candle for massage can include a simple massage techniques for a Full Body Massage, or just the areas of tension.Drift away & experience for yourself the unique soothing and relaxing benefits of a warm candle massage. Succumb to the pleasure of this new relaxing massage technique.For the days when you need to relax and recharge, you can now benefit from this lovely treatment in the comfort of your own home.Light the flame to set the mood, and allow twenty minutes of burning time to scent the room and melt the massage candle oils and butters so that they can be easily poured onto the skin.The glow of this luxurious candle gives a nice, relaxing atmosphere and the uplifting, aromatic fragrance will arouse your senses.Blow the flame out and drizzle the warm oil onto bare skin for a relaxing, unique, intimate massage experience. Use easy long strokes with the full of your hand, always working towards the heart to increase circulation.