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Developed Sub-Construction

Easy Usage
Extranet management is very easy and practical. You can register in 10 minutes and you can start selling on the behalf of your own area.
Contract Usage
You can use contracts together with daily pricing.
By the help of contracts, you have a lot of useful features which you cannot use in an ordinary online reservation system. For example, different prices can be charged for the different reservation periods.
For the different  accommodations types,  special offers or discounts can be provided for example, 7=6, 14=12 or Honeymoon etc.
Retroactive reservation prices can be controlled.
Daily Price Entry
You can enter any price you would like on a daily basis.
Flexible Sales Rules
You can define  the features such as  Stop, MinLOS, MaxLOS,  CTA, CTD from the daily screen on daily basis.
Definition of Discounts and Campaign
You can define the discounts in any features you would like. For example, 15% discount for the reservation made 60 days earlier or 50% discount for a daily reservations made after 22.00.
Promotion Management
You can create special promotion codes for your customers. Besides these promotions can be special for every customer, they can be used generally by defining until  a certain time and quantity. They can be distributed by e-mail or advertisements.
Agency Sales System
You can define a special price and payment methods for your agencies and you can send them a password which they can use to login.
Market Based Pricing
You can charge different prices to different markets based on IP.  You can decide how many markets you will create and which countries you will add them into your markets. If you wish, you can close some of the room types or whole hotel to the market.
Channel Management
You can update your online channels with one click or you can send different prices and availabilitites.
Sales from Facebook
By the online reservation page located in the Facebook, you can get reservations from social media.
Google Analytics
You can access the Google analitics about your page  and also you can get analytics support from our sertificated professionals.
Web Page Rezervation Button
It provides a lot of forms of search alternatives  in order to be put on the frontage of your Website.