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Professional Interface


The interface of your online reservation portal is very important. It must be fast and user-friendly, reliable for customers and its design must be outstanding to direct a sales to be completed.

With its professional interface, has a lot of advantages. They can be listed as,

User Friendly
It has fast, user-friendly and practical interface.
Daily Price and Occupancy Information
Besides the total amount for each room, it also provides daily price and occupancy information.
Showing Discount Percentage and Amount
It shows the prices together with including discount and without discount.
Listing of Alternative Price
It lists separately the different prices and discounts of a room.
All Transactions In One Page
It provides the reservations in only one step.
Multiple Reservation
It can make a multiple reservation with different periods and room types at one step.
Multiple Payment Option
It provides multiple payment options.
Credit Card Installment and Score Usage
It can define credit cards, use cash back points and offer installments.
Email and SMS Notification
When a reservation is made the system notifies by sending e-mail and SMS.
Flight Transfer and Extra
It provides flight and transfer options.
Multiple Language and Currency
You can select language and currency you need from  the limitless language and currency segment.
Compatible Design with Corporate Identity
The view (content, colour, font, theme, background colour, logo etc.) of the website can be redesign in order to be seen compatible with corporate identity.
Flexible Data Entry
The hotel can specialise the enrty of the information such as  address, identity etc.
Interactive Usage
It can get in touch with the customers with its online chat, click and talk and call us features. It sends requests to the hotel directly by SMS.
Reservation  Declaration by SMS
As long as a reservation is not completed,  It notifies the hotel by sending SMS.
Integration with Social Media
It provides a connection with  your pages in the Social Media.
Address Description by Google Map
It provides address descripton from Google Map.

Mobile Compatibility
By the help of its responsive feature, It provides a connection from all devices.
Private Design For Touch Operated
It has a compatible design with touch operated usage. The options are designed  as buttons to become compatible with touch operated usage, they can be clicked on with a touch..
Private Web Address
It gives a web address to every single hotel in their own names.  In the form of
Integration of Comment Page
You can see the best comments collected form different comment sites in your online reservation page.
Devisable Additional Pages
You can create and define special additional pages or Factsheets.
You can create popup screens which will be appear when you enter the site at first time.